Florida Woman Performing O’ral S’e’x on Driver Causes Vehicle to Cr’ash into FedEx Truck

A Florida man cra’shed his vehicle into a FedEx truck after receiving or’a’l s’e’x while behind the wheel.

When authorities arr’iv’ed on the scene, they found the uni’dentified man and his female companion par’tially na’ke’d.

Per the New York Post:

Rescue officials said the driver s’ustained an unsp’ecified inj’ur’y to his gr’o’in due to the cir’cumsta’nces of the cr’as’h. However, the S’UV driver’s p’en’is was “nearly bi’tten off,” according to the Daily Mail — pre’sum’ably because the impact caused his co’mpan’ion to bite do’wn.

No word yet on what ch’arge’s may come down for the dri’ver and his partner.

Source: Youtube.com


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