Orlando Woman Al’leg’edly K’ille’d By 10-Year-Old Girl While Fi’ghting The Child’s Mother

A vio’lent conflict between two Orlando, Fla., women turned into a tra’gedy when one of them was slain at a Memorial Day cookout. But pol’ice say what makes it more unbelievable was that the al’leged k’ill’er was the 10-year-old daughter of one of the women.

According to local station WKMG, a poli’ce affidavit released Tuesday says that Lashun Rodgers, 41, and her boyfriend were having a cookout at the apartment complex where she lived on Monday (May 31) when they were approached by Lakrisha Isaac, 31, and her daughter. Police say Isaac was int’oxi’cated and, after han’ding her bag to her child, began to attack Rodgers. The boyfriend told the po’lice he tried to break up the fi’ght, but they continued. The girl then took the we’apon out of the bag and fi’red two rou’nds at Rod’gers, k’il’ling her.

The boyfriend told the police the girl said: “she shouldn’t have h’it my momma,” after fi’ring. He said he tried to help Rodgers, but Isaac took the g’un from the child and pointed it at him. He put his hands up and went back into his apartment while Isaac and her daughter returned to theirs.

Another witness—who had spoken to Rodgers about the hostility between her and Isaac before the sh’oo’ting but said she told her to go back to her apartment—gave pol’ice a similar story, saying she saw the fight and the sh’ooti’ng from inside her apartment. A third witness did not see the fight but said she did see Isaac take the g’un from the girl and go back to their apartment.

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