Desiigner Says By’standers Saved Him In Police Alt’ercat’ion

Recently, Desiigner revealed that while po’lice pulled him over, things almost got ug’ly before bys’tanders saved him from getting into an alt’ercation with the co’ps.

The rap’per explained the situation, saying byst’anders de-escalated things between him and the cops, helping him calm down in the process. Desiigner noted his anx’iety fla’red up when he saw he was getting pulled over. “I see him on his g’un and stuff, and I was like, ‘None of that, bro,’” said the rap’per. After one of the officers thr’eaten’ed to use force on him, Desiigner said, “I felt like the smartest thing to do at that moment was to gra’b onto my Live, gr’ab onto my supporters, people that are going to spread the word.” Fortu’nately for him, fans and bysta’nders were close by, and they helped ease the tension and make sure he was safe.

The ra’pper was pulled over because he didn’t have any plates, and had window tints along with that. Desiigner said he will be getting those issues to avoid future co’nfli’cts. Watch his complete account of the incident above.

source: TMZ

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