Summer Walker & London On Da Track First Year Co-Parenting Has Been Filled With Many Lows, Now He’s Calling Her Out For Their Infant’s Vegan Diet

Babies can usually bring families together. However, in the case of Summer Walker and London On Da Track, it’s quite the opposite. What started off as two people making beautiful music together turned into an intensely bitter battle between two now ex-lovers turned co-parents. It’s now been over a year since their daughter was born. However, things have not gotten any better. In fact, they’ve gotten more chaotic than before.

It all started in 2019 when Summer Walker entered the scene with London On Da Track as her primary producer. The “Ex For A Reason” star would constantly share details of their journey as it developed into more than a working relationship. Things were beautiful in the beginning. The couple shared pictures and gave accounts of their time together. However, turmoil would soon find its way into the relationship that proved to last.

It appeared that Summer Walker’s relationship with the producer was more toxic than anything. Walker would share her disdain for her on-again-off-again boyfriend on social media, often declaring her single status. The Soul Train Music Award-winning singer also became embroiled in disputes with London On Da Track’s other children’s mothers. But the couple weathered many storms, and in 2021, they produced their greatest hit. The singer confirmed that she was pregnant in November of 2020, and in March, their daughter arrived. Producer London On Da Track shared the exciting news of his newborn’s arrival on Instagram, saying that he was “overwhelmed wit Joy,” as per Revolt.

But the drama between Summer Walker and London on Da Track would only increase over time. Walker’s battle with his previous children’s mothers continued, spilling over onto social media at times. She also accused him of being an absentee father in multiple rants on Instagram and in her Stories. Eventually, it was confirmed that the pair were no longer a couple.

Summer Walker and London On Da Track may not have been romantically involved anymore, but the working relationship seemingly continued. November 2021 brought the release of her highly anticipated sophomore album, the critically acclaimed Still Over It. The album definitely highlighted the extreme lows of her torrential breakup with her producer boyfriend. He was also listed as a producer on most of the project’s songs.

Summer Walker appeared in the comment section of a Shade Room post to claim that London On Da Track did not do any work that he was credited for on the album. She then went on to allege that while actual work was being done without him for the album, he ditched her to be with other women. This, all while she was pregnant. Summer Walker began dating a man named Larry, aka “LVRD Pharoah.” But Walker often accused her ex, London On Da Track, of causing ongoing issues although they were no longer together.

In December of 2021, the singer posted multiple text message threads between herself and his family members, as well as London. She also posted a lengthy rant on her Instagram Stories, scolding her ex for not caring about their child and airing out further personal issues she’s allegedly facing with him. “I’M BASICALLY LEAVING MY CHILD WITH A STRANGER,” Walker wrote. “THIS IS UNCOMFORTABLE FOR ME.”

Summer Claims She Has The Worst Baby Daddy In The World

The turmoil continued as Summer Walker and London on Da Track appeared to be raising their baby girl in unfortunate chaos. Walker slammed her ex on multiple occasions for only showing up for apparent photo opportunities and gifts for their daughter. Yet, she claimed to be raising her alone at the same time. On one occasion captured by The Shade Room, Summer Walker labeled the producer a “Ghetto baby daddy from hell.” In another one of her infamous rants, she accused London of possibly having her daughter sleeping in a “cheap foldable bed” because he would not communicate with her about the baby’s room conditions. In March of 2022, Summer Walker shared pictures of the baby’s first birthday party. Also seen in the photos is Summer Walker’s current boyfriend, with whom she appears to be much happier. However, noticeably missing was London On Da Track.

London On Da Track Claims Summer Walker Has Their Infant On A Vegan Diet

It seems as though London On Da Track is hitting back at Summer Walker’s claims that he’s been an absentee father. Taking to social media recently, the multi-platinum producer responded to messages that the singer apparently posted and deleted on her social media page. Messages captured by The Shade Room show London disputing the “deadbeat” claims, as he shared screenshots with proof of him trying to contact his daughter. According to the producer, Walker keeps their daughter “hostage” from him. He also claims the singer is only running online for attention. London also revealed he’s been trying to bring her to court, but Summer Walker is begging him not to do so, because she has their baby on a vegan diet.


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This isn’t the first time that Summer Walker has been criticized for her daughter’s diet. Fans were outraged last year when Summer Walker revealed she was feeding her newborn baby hemp seeds, raw honey and mushroom powder. Fans called for someone to check on the baby concerned she was being neglected. From that moment forward, Summer Walker vowed to never show a picture of her daughter again.

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