Boosie Speaks on Pa’ssing of Trou’ble DTE: “Atlanta Will Never Be the Same For Me”

Yesterday, news surfaced noting that Atlanta rapper Tr’ouble DTE passed away at the age of 35. Details were limited at first, but authorities gave an update as to what happened with the Atlanta rap staple. Now, close friend and collaborator Boosie has taken to social media to share some words about Trouble following the tra’gic loss.

Boosie went on to say “[I]cried n hu’rted for an hour on the plane with my lil girl holding me. All I could thank bout is yo lil girl always playin in your face n both of y’all smiling. U was my friend, my n***a, u lifted me up when I was down.” He then spoke about the last time he got into a deep conversation about family with the ra’pper, saying, “I just cr’ied to you a couple weeks ago on the phone about my kids n you told me [to] let it go!! I’m gonna miss you as a friend TR’OUB.”

The bond between Boosie was a strong one, as Boosie went on to say “I’m crying as I type this thu’glife ✅ t.l.p TRO’UB, never went over 3 days without talking to you on Facetime love u.” Boosie said, “Atlanta will never be the same for me again.”


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