Update: Footage From South Street Mass Sh’oo’ting In Philadelphia Surfaces

Update 06/05/2022 5:09pm:

Previously, it was reported that 13 people were inj’ured and three people were de’ad as a result of a mass sh’ooti’ng in Philadelphia that took place on South Street. Now, footage from the incident has surfaced. According to the person holding the camera, two men can be seen approaching another man, with both parties having g’u’ns. The men got into a scuffle that spi’lled into the street before multiple s’h’ots could be heard being fi’red off. Watch above.

More mass sh’ooti’ngs have occurred this year, with numerous sh’ootin’gs going down in the last few weeks. Now, a mass sh’ooti’ng reportedly went down in Philadelphia, resulting in the de’aths of three people. The s’hoo'[ting also found at least 13 people in’jured.

Police inspector D.F. Pace noted numerous sh’oote’rs on the scene were actively fi’ring sho’ts. An officer reportedly fir’ed a sh’ot at one of the active sh’oot’ers, but the g’unm’an was able to get away from the scene. The insp’ector then said one of the two gu’ns retrieved had an extended clip attached to it. The sho’ot’ing went down at 4th and South Street, with South Street being known for the stores, bars, restaurants, and cheesesteaks available for bi’gger groups of people to enjoy.

Police noted no one had been ar’reste’d in connection to the sh’ooti’ng. However, they could identify three of the people who were mu’rde’red. Stay tuned for more updates.

source: Philadelphia Inquirer

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