Cleveland Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson Hit With 24 La’wsui’ts Alleging S’exu’al Misconduct During Massage Sessions

Deshaun Watson has been facing se’xu’al misconduct al’legati’ons for months. As of Monday, the Browns QB has been hit with 24 civil la’wsuits al’leging he exhibited inapp’ropriate and non-consensual se’xu’al behavior during sessions with massage therapists.

According to ESPN, the plaintiff in the newly fil’ed su’it is alleging that during one of his sessions, Watson exposed himself and ma’sturbat’ed, and “offered no apology or explanation for his conduct.” The la’wsuit states that the pla’intiff quit massage therapy following the incident.

The attorney for all 24 plaintiffs, Tony Buzbee, released a statement about Watson’s behavior saying,

Today we filed the twenty-fourth case al’legi’ng se’xua’l misconduct against Deshaun Watson. The a’llegati’ons made in this case are strikingly similar to those made by many of the other vic’tims. Lost in the media frenzy surrounding Deshaun Watson is that these twenty-four strong, courageous women, who despite ridicule, le’gal shena’nigans, and intense media scrutiny, continue to stand firm in what is right.

The new la’wsuit is the second to be filed against Watson in the last seven days. The 23rd case was filed on May 31st and states that during Watson’s third massage session with her, he “exposed himself to her, touched her between the legs and repeatedly requested” that they have s’e’x.

Watson and his legal team are adamant that he did nothing wrong during his massage therapy sessions and his lawyer Rusty Hardin even stated that “happy endings are not il’legal” during a recent appearance at a radio station in Houston. He also ass’erted that Deshaun only had con’sensual se’xu’al enco’unters, and clarified his sentiments stating:

On a Houston radio show interview today, I mentioned that a massage that has a ‘happy ending’ is not il’leg’al, meaning it is not i’lleg’al for someone to have con’sensual s’ex with a therapist after a massage unless the s’ex is for pay. Deshaun did not pay anyone for s’ex. I was speaking in a hypot’hetical situation. If there is a consensual se’xu’al encounter after a massage, that is not a c’ri’me nor the basis for a civil lawsuit.”

Deshaun Watson is currently under review by the N’FL, despite two grand ju’ries in Texas declining to pur’sue cr’imi’nal ch’arges against him.

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