Dwayne Wade and Other Parents Of Trans Children Are Being More Concerned As More Bills Are Passed

“Take your children to CHURRCH, not drag bars,” wrote a Colorado politician named Lauren Boebert recently tweeted on Twitter. This tweet has gained an increasing amount of traction on the social media app for many reasons. But this is just a shining example of the current climate in America.

Author Ralph Carhart offered a rebuttal to Boebert’s call to action. Carhart claimed in his response that there has been an overwhelmingly alarming number of children that have suffered at the hands of clergy, specifically in the Catholic church, within the last 50+ years. He then states that zero children were harmed by while attending a drag show within the same period.

Over time, it has become clear that the priorities in this country are significantly off. However, it must be noted that many strides have also been made in terms of acceptance. For instance, history was recently made in the world of sports. The NFL recently made strides by hiring the very first trans cheerleader to cheer for a team in the league. Justine Lindsay made the inspiring announcement on her Instagram page that she’d joined the Carolina Panthers’ TopCats Cheerleaders in March of this year. Lindsay described the moment as one she would “never forget.” And while most of the league leans toward white women, Justine Linsday is African-American.

You can also add Victoria’s Secret to the list of companies contributing to making historical changes. It was also announced that Emira D’Spain, who is also TikTok famous, would be Victoria’s Secret’s first African American trans model, according to a report from Page Six. In addition, Armani Beauty also announced that Valentina Sampaio would be their first trans model in November of 2021. But even with all of the aforementioned accomplishments, it still feels as though we are in a constant state of moving backwards at times. So perhaps statements like Lauren Boebert’s and the many who agree with her, along with the other politicians seeking to enforce various bans on the trans community, could explain why it feels that way.

Would you believe that Alabama Governor Kay Ivey made it so that medical professionals who prescribe or administer gender-affirming medication to transgender minors to help affirm their new gender identity could be severely punished? Well, this isn’t fiction. The act was reportedly put into effect in April of 2022.

Another bill was passed that same month that banned transgender youth from entering public restrooms unless it is the one of their assigned gender at birth. Those are just two out of five legislation bills currently in Alabama. Other states have active legislation bills in play as well. Iowa and Tennessee currently lead with 14, and Arizona follows closely behind with 12, according to data given by Freedom For All Americans.

In May, South Carolina legislators enacted the Save Women’s Sports Act. This bill designates that members of the biological sex are the only ones allowed to play on sports teams. In addition, females are not allowed to play on male designated teams unless the school does not have a female-led team. Another bill that is being attempted is Missouri’s MO HB2086 bill. This would prohibit those who wish to amend the gender on their birth certificates from doing so. As of May 13, the bill is in committee.

News of these laws have many parents concerned, including Dwyane Wade. He is the father to daughter, Zaya Wade. During his recent appearance at the TIME100 Summit, the former NBA player expressed that people’s perception of his daughter due to her being transgender has him now fearful of “every moment that she leaves the house.”

Dwayne Wade reduced politicians creating these law to being a joke. The former NBA player believes no one who ‘not living’ [the] life should be making laws around it. Wade then challenged politicians and others to ‘come and live a day in his world with his daughter.’ Wade believes the world is losing its humanity.

Source & Credit: sb24news.com

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