Lori Harvey Has Caused Quite The Debate On Twitter, People Think Women Should Date Like Lori Harvey – “You like what you like, and when it’s no longer GIVING, be done with it”

Lori Harvey has been trending for the last 4 days with no signs of letting up.

From what we gather there are three main schools of thought on Twitter:

1. If Lori was a man, nobody would be questioning her choices
2. The point of dating should be to get married
3. Women should in fact date like Lori, and walk away from things that do not serve them

The fact that this breakup has spawned such a heated debate is indicative of how differently many of us see dating, and relationships and how important it is for us to actually find the person or people that we vibe with.

Let’s start with number 1 do you agree that if Lori was a man, we would not be having such a heated conversation?:

Or do you think it’s confusing that Lori would date for ‘fun’ and not for ‘marriage’?

Source & Credit: emilycottontop.com

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