Meet Baby Randall! ‘Married At First Sight’ Alums Woody And Amani Welcome A Baby Boy

Meet Reign! ‘Married At First Sight’ Alums Woody And Amani Welcome A Baby Boy

Another baby has been born in the Married at First Sight universe. ESSENCE can exclusively confirm that Woody and Amani Randall, fan favorites from Season 11 in New Orleans, recently welcomed their first child — a baby boy. The littlest Randall, whose name is Reign, was born on June 3, coming in at 8 ounces, 20.5 inches.

“It’s definitely a full circle moment for us,” the couple shared with us in a statement. “We took our love as strangers and created this human together. He’s nothing we could have ever imagined, he’s even more perfect. To have this baby together and to share this love is really wonderful.”

Back in February, as they celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary, the couple revealed to ESSENCE that they were expecting, with Amani at 24 weeks at the time.

“We found out I was pregnant after I was about 8 weeks,” she said. “I had been feeling pretty sick after a visit to L.A. filming for the MAFS Boston special. I assumed it was food poisoning from ahi tuna but Woody hoped I was expecting.”

She added, “I took a pregnancy test that weekend and got a negative result. After getting home and still feeling nauseous, Woody insisted that I take another test. I reluctantly took another test one Saturday morning and yelled for him to come in the bathroom. He smiled and said ‘What, are you pregnant?’ I nodded, and handed him the positive pregnancy test. He smiled so big! I kicked him out of the bathroom [laughs].”

We couldn’t be happier for the pair. And as Amani shared on Instagram weeks before her due date, her life is changing for the better.

“It’s the women who comment that my life is about to end once I have my baby that really make me think about societal standards today,” she shared on Instagram

“Yes, my life will be changing but never will I consider motherhood a daunting task. I don’t have to ‘live it up’ now because I’m having a baby. I will of course have to make sacrifices but my life is about to open a new chapter of living,” she added. “So, when you see me and Baby Randall on the beach in ____ <insert dream location>, just know that we are living our best lives, TOGETHER.”

Congratulations to the happy family of three!

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