Video Shows Quick-Thinking LA Man Out Run Ro’bbe’rs & To’ss His Jewelry Over a Fe’nce


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A man in Los Angeles may have just stumbled upon an innovative new way to avoid being burglarized. Instead of fig’htin’g off a would-be ro’bb’ery attempt with a g’u’n, pepper spray, or hand-to-hand co’mbat, he simply made a run for it, using a parked car as a de’coy, before taking off his jew’elry and thr’owing it over the fen’ce of a residential home.

Survei’llance footage recently captured the entire occurrence in a sub’urban neighborhood in Los Angeles. The vi’ctim, a bearded man wearing sunglasses and a handbag, was approached by a grey Sedan, before two pe’rpetr’ators lea’ped out of the vehicle and ran toward him, in an effort to commit a mu’ggi’ng. However, the vic’tim’s unca’nny response caused confusion on the part of the ro’b’bers as one of them motioned towards the fe’nce for a brief moment, to ascer’tain whether or not he should cl’imb over it, in order to recover the vic’tim’s jewelry, before rush’ing back to the ge’taway car with his ass’ociate. Shortly thereafter, the ro’bb’ers did manage to st’eal the vi’ctim’s handbag, for their troubles. Since then, no a’rre’sts have been made related to the incident.

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Source: Daily Mail

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