Houston Man Who Ra’ppe’d About Ro’b’bi’ng ATMs Gets A’rre’sted For Ro’bbi’ng An ATM

Ladesion Riley, 30.

A Houston man who rapped about ro’b’bing ATMs in his music ended up getting a’rres’ted for ro’bbi’ng an ATM.

Ladesion Riley got cau’ght up over the very cr’imes he rap’ped about on his YouTube page. In his song, “Make it Home,” which was made into a music video, Riley – who goes by the name “Jug God” – detailed how he ste’als from ATMs.

Fox News reports that after checking out of a mo’tel in Dickson, Tennessee, Riley and three other su’spects pu’lled the h’;eist on a Bank of America ATM while it was being ser’viced. The incident took place on Monday; the four su’spec’ts came up from behind the ATM technician and told him “not do anything stupid and hand over the money,” according to po’lice. The crew ended up taking off in a Hyu’ndai El’antra that they rented from Hertz.

It didn’t take long for the sus’pects to get cau’ght. That same day, det’ectives spotted the rental car outside a Motel 6. Po’lice found the sus’pects with a sta’sh of ca’sh. Fox News reports two of the sus’pects were released on fel’ony bo’nds.

Source & Credit: balleralert.com

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