Blac Chyna Pushes Instagram Model Alysia Magen at Celebrity Boxing Weigh-In

Previously, it was revealed Blac Chyna was scheduled to face off against Instagram model Alysia Magen. The standoff between the two at the fight announcement found Magen pushing the reality star. Chyna responded by saying “I think that’s really really, really cute, but I just hope you know that on June 11, it’s on.” The fight is scheduled to take place today, and things got seemingly tense at the weigh-in for both ladies.

During their standoff at the weigh-in, Chyna and Magen could be seen exchanging words. Chyna talked trash to Magen after being asked if she had words for the opponent. Magen wasn’t with the antics, firing back by saying, “I am not Kim Kardashian, I will knock you both out.” Chyna didn’t like the threat, ultimately lunging at Magen, pushing her across the stage. Their fight is scheduled for June 11 at 8 PM eastern time at the Charles F. Dodge City Center. Stay tuned for more updates.

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