Ti’sha Campbell Speaks on Reconnecting with Martin Lawrence After Ha’rassm’ent La’wsuit

In anticipation of the Martin reunion special, Tisha Campbell talked about some of the rockier times during the hit sitcom’s lifespan, particularly the se’xu’al har’assm’ent la’ws’uit that eventually spelled the ending of the show.

While appearing on CBS Mornings, Campbell spoke specifically about the la’ws’uit and the rough road toward recoonecting it took for her and Martin to rec’laim their friendship. “We are—we worked really hard to reconnect, to forgive, and to really, this reunion is about a celebration of everything that we did, everything that we accomplished, and our growth as human beings,” said Cam’pbell. “So, we concentrated mostly on that.”

According to the 1996 law’su’it, Campbell claim Lawrence subjected her to “repeated and escalating se’xu’al har’assm’ent, se’xua’l battery, ve’rba’l ab’use and related thr’eats,” leading to the s’uit being settled out of court.

Source: Instagram.com

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