Melanie Morgan says she struggles to fill up her vehicle because of the size of the pumps. The 31-year-old mom from southwest London finds herself with a nasty pain in her hands after she fills up her Ford Tourneo Independence at the large diesel pumps.

While the couple stopped for gas, she took photos of herself and compared them to her partner, Jared Griffiths.

Melanie Morgan struggles to fill up her vehicle because of the size of the pumps

While you might be rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself, “Damn millennials,” Morgan has a valid point.

Given the limited privileges that women had until 60 years ago, it’s easy to see why gas pumps are among the items built for male hands.

Melanie believes the pump designs are an example of everyday sexism

Melanie intends to purchase an electric vehicle since she is weary of pumping gas with her petite, girly hands.

The mom of two shared:

“I’d come back to the van having got out and filled up, and when I got back in, I was flexing my hand, like when you’ve been writing a lot, and I was like ‘ooh actually that quite hurts.”

The 31-year-old gets her partner to fill up their van

She added:

“I said this to my partner and he kind of laughed it off, and I said ‘no really, it hurts, you have to grip it really hard when you’ve got smaller hands.’ It’s ridiculous that that’s something I have to think about.”

While Melanie doesn’t think that actual gas stations are sexist, pumping the gas should not be painful, right?

Morgan who works as a private tutor explained her position: “I have fairly small hands. I’m short, I’m 5ft 3, so I’m fairly small generally, but I imagine there aren’t many men who have the same size hands like me.”

Melanie further added:

Her hands are just too small for the pumps

“When I was younger, I remember thinking, ‘ooh, this is difficult,’ but then it’s also something you’re new to do. But as an adult now who does it regularly, it suddenly occurred to me one day that I don’t think most people find filling up the car painful; most people don’t have to think ‘this doesn’t work.’”

She stated:

“I’d assume there’s some kind of reason that it needs to be the broadness it is around that point, and you have to pull it in tight, of course, but I think it’s a classic overlooked issue.”

Melanie vented her petrol pump frustrations online

“No one’s going to complain about it, and those who tend to design things like that, I assume, are typically male engineers. My partner fills the van up now and started doing it in October, so I don’t have to deal with it.”

For the time being, the only option is to purchase an expensive electric vehicle. Someone should look into this issue in the long run. Surely, this woman isn’t the only one dealing with this problem.

Source: thoughtnova.com

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