Video Shows Gu’nm’en R’ob NJ Jewelry Store for $1 Million Worth of Items in 1 Minute

Video coming out of New Jersey captured a shocking a’rmed ro’bbe’ry of jewelry store. According to authorities, the ro’bb’ers made off with roughly $1 million worth of jewelry in just 60 seconds.

Eight mas’ked men entered Virani Jewelers in Iselin, NJ in a minute-long sm’ash-and-gr’ab. Video shows the men emptying trays of jewelry into bags while others pointed g’un’s at the store owners. One woman is seen being forced to the ground and held at g’unpo’int as she lay motionless during the or’deal.

“How comfortable and confident they were,” local Misbah Chaudhry told the station of the ro’bbe’rs.

“They came in like they owned the store, they’re like, ‘All right, everybody down,’ bre’aking stu’ff, filling up their bags, walking away like they had no wor’ries in the world.”


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