Charleston White Films Himself Calling the Pol’ice on King Yella for Th’reate’ning Him

Charleston White has found himself embroiled in beefs with a few notable Chicago rappers and most recently decided to go to law enforcem;ent after being “threa’tened” by King Yella.

The contro’versial social media figure shared video of himself calling the Las Vegas Po’lice Department reporting a “terr’oristic thre’at” from a Yella about a “shake-down fee” for entertainers coming to Vegas. According to Charleston, Chicago ga’ngs are reloc’ating to Las Vegas where they are apparently establishing their own rules to which Charleston is supposed to follow as an entertainer visting the city.

Just recently, Charleston White was confronted by 600 Breezy. Charleston said he thought about calling the p’olice during that confrontation, however, things fortunately didn’t escalate.


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