5-Year-Old Boy and His Dad K’il’led, Others Inju’red When Sus’pected Imp’aired Driver Cra’shes into Golf Cart

A North Carolina father and son riding in a golf cart together were k’ill’ed by a suspe’cted impaired driver Monday night in a collision that criti’cally inj’ured four other passengers in the cart, authorities say.

According to the Assoc’iated Press, citing the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, the cra’sh occurred near Statesville when a Honda Accord crossed the center line of a road and hit the golf cart, which was going in the opposite direction.

Michael Shane Marlow, 39, who was driving the cart, and his son, 5-year-old Bentley Marlowe, were k’ill’ed at the scene, tro’opers said. Four other golf cart passengers, ages 2, 13, 16, and 26, were hospitalized, tro’opers said, according to WBTV.

WBTV reports that Tro’oper Jeffrey Swagger of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol said, “Golf carts are a popular pastime for folks to get out and enjoy their neighborhoods and community, but they can be dang’erous when golf carts and cars occupy the same space.”

According to WSOC, Michael Marlow was the owner of B & B Auto Glass and Mirrors in Statesville.

Family friend J.R. White told the outlet, “I had my car fixed a couple times down there and didn’t have the money and Mike helped me out. Just a good person to know.”

A Tuesday post on the Facebook page of First Presbyterian Church of Statesville, which operated a preschool that Bentley attended, reads, “Bentley was the gentlest, kindest kid. He was one of the nearly thirty shining lights I got to see each Wednesday for Chapel. His infectious smile truly did brighten our lives. He was so smart, so kind. He was so loved and remains so loved.”

Source & Credit: people.com

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