LeToya Luckett Chats With Ex Big Slim About Their Engagement, Why They Broke Up And If They’d Reunite

If you are looking for a new YouTube channel to enjoy, we would recommend LeToya Luckett’s Leave It To LeToya. She’s only had one full video so far, but it definitely had our undivided attention.

If you’re wondering why, it’s because the topic for the first episode is “Having a Conversation with My Ex,” and her first guest was ex-boyfriend, rapper Big Slim, formerly known as Slim Thug. The two were together on and off for — hold on to your hats — 10 years in the early aughts, and the chemistry between them is still strong.

When asked what she liked about him and still likes about him, Luckett noted his confidence, among other things.

“He’s a star. When he walks in I mean, first of all he’s 6’6.” That’s always cute. He’s handsome,” she said. “It’s a light on him when he walk in any room. It’s attractive. You can’t miss him.”

For him, he was drawn to the fact that she, to this day, “always dresses like she’s going somewhere fancy.” But what stood out most was her personality.

“Her sense of humor is high and you’ll really laugh a lot dealing with Toya,” he says. “I didn’t know that she was that funny. And when I got to know her more what I liked about her was the friendship. I felt like we were for real BFFs…We really enjoyed kicking it.”

We were definitely grinning as the two talked about their past relationship, including how they met at the club, their first date at the aquarium and more. But as far as why they didn’t work, Luckett said, “We tried to have something very serious at a very young age.”

The couple was actually engaged and Slim did want to have the settled down family life with Luckett. But she said what he wanted and what was allowed in his environment as a young twentysomething didn’t align.

“You couldn’t see him without seeing me, and that can be attractive to other women. I think he leaned into that a little bit…if you will,” she said. “He definitely enjoyed himself along that journey. And I will say for me, I’ll take responsibility. I would get frustrated and I would leave a lot.”

“The small breakups, disagreements that we would have that would separate us and I would think that it’s a real breakup, it opened up the doors,” he added, claiming that’s when other women walked in them. “If we didn’t have that, it wouldn’t have been no issue.”

But they didn’t run down their story with regrets. The two are still good friends.

“Regardless of whatever happened, it’s still been all love every time we see each other,” she said, noting it always “felt like home” when they would cross paths.

So is a reunion possible? They didn’t say no, but said their lives have changed significantly as both have children. (As a reminder, Luckett also announced her divorce from ex-husband Tommicus Walker in early 2021.)

“I have two wonderful children and I have to approach relationships different because of that,” she said of her two toddlers under three, Gianna and Walker. “They’re so small and they’re the biggest part of my world. Anybody that I would want to be in relationship with would have to love them, care for them, be there for them and understand that these are babies.”

“We friends right now. Let’s see,” he chimed in. “But I’m not closing nothin’. I’m not saying I won’t do nothin’. Let’s see where we grow.”

As he looked over and they both laughed, she added, “What he said.”

Source & Credit: essence.com

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