Video Catches C’op Saying ‘Guess I’m Gonna Lose My G’un Again’ After F’ata’l S’hoo’ting

An Idaho cop is under fi’re after bodycam footage released showed a man be fa’tally wounded by po’lice gu’nfire while going through a mental health cr’isis. After the s’ho’oting, officer Brittany Bro’kop was ca’ught saying callo’usly, “Guess I’m gonna lose my g’un again.”

The footage was released nearly five months after law enfor’cement s’h’ot and k’ill’ed 48-year-old Michael Tra’ppett outside his parents’ home. Po’lice were called about Tra’ppett being aggr’essive as he was going through a mental health episode. When autho’rities arrived, they say Trap’pett remained unruly and was ar’med with a k’nife. At one point, he told officers “Come and s’hoot me.”

“No, we don’t want to s’hoot you, man,” Brokop’s partner deputy Randall Carruth responded. “Just talk to us.”

After ges’turing toward walking away, Trappett turns toward Brokop with the k’nife in a st’ab’bing posture before the officers opened fi’re, s’ho’oting over a dozen s’hots at Tra’ppett. He was pronouned de’ad at the scene.

Following the s’hoo’ting when Brokop expressed concern over being reprimanded, Carruth said “Me too. But we didn’t have a choice.” Brokop was briefly placed on administ’rative leave but has since returned to the field. But Trappett’s family isn’t satisfied with the lack of accou’ntability. “We think Brittany Brokop should be held accountable for her actions,” Trappett’s brother, Bill Trappett, told NBC News. “She’s gone too far.”


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