Mom Left ‘Looking Like A Blow-Up Doll’ After Botched Lip Filler Went Wrong

Charis Evans has had fillers injected into her lips for about two years when she opted to try a different salon. But after spending £90 to have her fillers topped, the 22-Year-Old lips ballooned to four times their normal size, and she felt they might eventually burst. The mom-of-two even suffered a severe allergic reaction.

And just when Charis went to a healthcare center at 2 a.m., doctors couldn’t help but laugh at her fish lips.

“When I went and got them done, they started swelling quite soon after. I went to my mum’s and she said they looked swollen but they do swell up anyway at first. They were really swollen in the space for a couple of hours. I looked like a blow-up doll. I had fish lips and it looked like I’d been in a fight,” Charis explained.

At the time she got she got the hospital, her lip was already four-time bigger, and it did leave people mortified.

She added: “We were masking masks luckily so I could hide. I was wearing my mask even on my break, taking a bite of my food and putting my mask back on. My mum was saying my face was ruined. I was scared it wouldn’t go back to normal, I was panicking. It was painful and it felt like [my lips] were pooping open.”

Thankfully, the swelling began to lessen after a week, but Charis is still suffering the consequences months later.

She has since been avoiding spicy food because each time she eats something spicy, her mum would say she looks like they have had them done again because they swell. Charis also gets a burning sensation like are lips are stretching and gets shooting pains in her lips. Upon sharing her ordeal on social media, many have been left in stitches, while some urged she shouldn’t have had fillers in the first place.

“Some people found it funny, and some people were like, oh my God, what have you done? My nan said it was my fault,” Charis shared.

She continued: “I want people to have a good think about it before getting lip fillers. I got them because it was a trend at the time, and many young girls were having it done but the pain and trauma weren’t worth it.” However, Charis has vowed never to have filler injected again, and she also won’t permit her children Sophia, aged 2, and Bobby, seven months old, to ever have the procedure done.

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