According to Adrienne Bailon, she requested her husband get her a f**e wedding ring. “A Home Is What I Prefer”

Recently, social media personality Ari Fletcher gained notoriety after giving rapper Moneybagg Yo land as a birthday present. As a surprise for his 30th birthday, she gave him 28.8 acres. She then waited for him on the property with the deed and a large group of family and friends so that she could capture the occasion on camera.

You can hear someone saying, Cars can be replaced, but land they’re not manufacturing any more of, in the video. Moneybagg Yo took issue with the way the ladies of The Real handled the topic on their show because he believed that the host, Garcelle Beauvais, was “hating” on his gift. Not Fancy bashing on my present, he tweeted.

She thinks that’s a big gift, but Jeannie Mai made a point that it might not be as ho**ible as we believe. According to Mai, real estate in Atlanta is reasonably priced and will at least increase in value. The girls appeared to be partially in agreement, but Beauvais was still unable to accept that kind of gift without committing through marriage.

Adrienne Bailon seized the chance to discuss a parallel experience from her own relationship. She reminded her co-hosts that she had once asked her husband Israel Houghton to swap “f**e rings” rather than genuine ones and to invest their funds in real estate.

Without a doubt, I told you not to get me a real ring. I couldn’t grasp it. I can respect him for who he is and his pride, but those things don’t really matter to me. I’d rather have had a house. I hope she brought property for herself and her family, Loni Love added in response.

She clarifies that when she says don’t act married if you’re a girlfriend, she is referring to emotions rather than material po**essions and continues by expressing her wish that Fletcher educates her guy how to file taxes and care for the property.

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