Rapper Da Brat Exclaim Fan Who Stated She’s Not Need To Wear Makeup

It may have taken over 25 years, but Da Brat is ultimately living her fact, publicly. But the rapper is setting the record straight: Just because she may glance a specific way, Da Brat is not to be boxed in. A current Instagram Live trial set the scene for Da Brat to address

a fan who made a comment about her impression as a lesbian lady. When Shawntae Harris, who we would all arrive to know as Da Brat, walked on the scene, she was difficult to skip. Signed to So So Def, she would give glances that likened a woman’s strategy to

rapper Snoop Dogg’s look. From the oversized and baggy attire to her long, beaded braids, Da Brat rocked her lane. Questions would occur surrounding the Billboard-Award-winning rapper’s sexuality around the years. This would be verified in a March 2020

post on Instagram where Da Brat shared an emotional video of a Bentley gifted to her for her birthday. Being a private person, normally, Da Brat noted that all changed when she met her “heart’s match.” Dupart, she told Variety, was the one that she felt the need to

meet in the middle” and settlement for because She’s the one. Dupart is a business owner that has a major social media presence of her own. In the spirit of sharing more of her fact, Da Brat shared on the Tamron Hall Show that she early felt feelings for a

lady while helping on her debut album. Prior to that, she’d ever had “small boyfriends” as she explained it to Hall. But after relating with the lady, who was employed by her label, she found herself losing her.

Source & Credit: kapilvastupost.com

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