Shaquille O’Neal Tells His Kids They Must Get Degree & Current Business Plan If They Want His Money

Shaquille O’Neal may be high in stature, but that’s not the only location. Years of shining in the NBA along with numerous investments have kept Shaq’s money in the “long” category. All of his victory has clearly stamped his family in a safe state as well. However, Shaq is making it clear that his kids are not authorized to his riches just that easily.

The seven-foot-one overall celebrity has long surpassed his sports prestige, although he is still lauded as one of the tremendous NBA players and centers of all time. In the first 90s, Shaq saw moderate victory in the Hip-Hop field.

He’s disclosed 4 albums; two of which have been authorized Gold or Platinum. Shaquille O’Neal also has a victorious run in movie and television. His acting credits contain important movies such as He Got Game, The Lego Movie, and the upcoming Jackass Forever. He’s also been a sports analyst for TNT since 2011.

Shaq’s investment into businesses and investments has also verified to be extremely fruitful. From actual estate growths to several franchises, there are not several areas that Shaq has not touched. He now has partnered with Walmart to provide affordably priced sneakers,

which have sold in droves. Over the years, Shaq has also developed a reputation for being extremely generous and giving. His philanthropic actions have been noted in the media from his substantial work with the Boys and Girls Club of America to his own Shaq Foundation.

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