Fans showed their reaction To Stevie J, Filing Divorce From Wife, Faith Evans

In the classic 1998 bop “Love Like This,” Faith Evans sang that if two lovers are in love can work together then their love in the relationship would be at lasts forever. It become visible that for her own marriage to Stevie J, that theory did not worked for the duo.

According to recently news, the lovely couple has chosen to separate their ways forever and fil’led for div*rce. Following his relationship with Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J started to date R&B singer Faith Evans. Faith has memorized never taking her future spuse at a serious topic,

but over time, their friendship sp*rked into love. Although, they hit a snag once Faith stood that he had still been experiencing with Hernandez. Catching wind that producer and reality celebrity Stevie J was not really about Hernandez, she stopped the connection ci’ting that

she was not a man thieve or home**icky. But the world was intrest to find out that Faith Evans and Stevie J tied into marriage on July 17, 2018. A tweet viral up from Stevie J’s account in which he expressed his love for Faith, but apparently , her name was different.

I adore you Faith Renee Jordan, he wrote. With his heart filled with love that this was not a joke, Faith answered to her ex-spouse. I love you to honey, Steven Aaron Jordan. TMZ understood of a marriage experience that had been put in for by the lovers in Las Vegas.

After some day the news popped up of their application, it was expressed that they didn’t destroyed time in married life. According to TMZ, Stevie J and Faith Evans held an closer ceremony in which be only invites his intimate relatives and friends at Las Vegas hotel.

After three years of their togetherness, marriage life and the ups-and-downs that come across in every relationship it seemed like Stevie J is all set up to move on from the marriage knot. Various news popped thet Stevie J has filled for court documents at Los Angeles County’s superior Court.

There are No reason jas given behind their divorce, or also not at even an any statement been given by both party. This is the first divorce for Stevie J, although, the third time for Faith Evans

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