Beyonce Has added Many Names I’m Her Music, But Monica Lewinsky wants mine taken down

Beyonce’s recent album, Renaissance, has received babble reviews from fans and detractor alike. Although, it’s only been a short days, and there’s been controversy all around her seventh studio album. The controversy starts with Kelis being sad that the singer

send sample of her song on a record named, Energy. Kelis, said that Beyonce should come to her side and unformed her the decision. Backing that fallout, Beyonce was hit with more detractor after the denied group noticed she used the word ‘Spazz’ on one of her list of song.

With all of the controversy, it’s been exposed that Beyonce not only clear the word ‘Spazz’ from her album but also she removed Kelis from the album. But there’s also some rumors spreading that Beyonce and Monica Lewinsky is calling for her to clear her name from

‘Partition’ album. There have been many issues where Beyonce has a mega superstar celebrity and other special figure of her songs. Although the Houston native would aware world from how the real is ‘And my mama was savage, nigga got this sh*t from Tina.

The family has so many stars. Beyonce gave the reason behind her existence to Tina Knowles Lawson. On Grammy Award Event where she won for “Savage” with Megan Thee Stallion. With the news of Beyonce clearing word the “spaz” from her song,

Monica Lewinsky used social media on Twitter to give advice the singer retroactively clear her name from the “Partition” lyric. Although, this is not Lewinsky’s first time adding in song lyrics. G-Eazy launched a song named after her in 2014. Also, Migos allusion of her in their solo

“Wrist Game.” She’s also spectacularly famous in a list of other Hip-Hop albums. Obviously, members of the Beyhive and others on Twitter bannged Monica Lewinsky for targeting to aim Beyonce. So maybe she should’ve take a seat this one out.

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