‘Flower On The Left’: Video Of Jason Momoa Posing As Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant Goes Viral

It appears that a great backup career for Jason Momoa will be him becoming a flight attendant. In a viral video on TikTok, the actor showed just how good he could be with customer service, pulling a drink cart on a Hawaiian Airlines flight as he handed out bottles of water to passengers.


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The 43-Year-Old was all smiles as he greeted passengers who were perhaps shocked to see him on the flight.

And to carry out the task of serving passengers, Momoa, who is reportedly dating Eliza Gonzalez, sported a very dapper gray suit jacket with a black T-shirt underneath, accessorized with a lei and a pink flower behind his left ear. “My aunty sent me this vid; I just thought I’d share,” Kylee Yoshikawa, who posted the video, wrote in the caption.

Due to his gesture, the Hawaii native known as the Aquaman has now been dubbed the “Aguaman.”

In the video’s comments, some people made hilarious jokes about Momoa, while most pointed out some very observations. Kylee was asked if the actor only handed out water to people in first class, and she replied: “I believe he walked the whole plane!” An interesting detail about the clip is that the aluminum water bottles the actor handed out were from his brand, Mananalu.

According to a fan, the placement of the pink flower the Dune wore has a hidden meaning. In Hawaiian culture, it means you’re married, engaged, or unavailable.

However, it remains unknown where the video was shot, but several others equally stressed that Momoa appeared to be doing well after he was involved in a motorcycle accident late last month. Another joked in the comment: “In this situation, I’m gonna ask for another water,” to which Kylee quipped in reply: “I would drink gasoline if Jason Momoa told me to tbh.”


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