Following a c*urt order to compensate John, Amber Heard sells her property for $1.05 million

Another update on the Heard-Depp saga is provided. Amber Heard reportedly sold her California home not long after she was man’dated to pay Johnny Depp $8.35 million, according to sources. Seven jurors in Fairfax, Virginia rendered a ve*dict in the 59-year-old Pirates

of the Caribbean actor’s favour and awarded him more than $10 million in dam*ges. It was found that the 36-year-old actress had fal*ely ac**sed Depp of do**stic ab**e in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed. Heard was ordered to pay $8 million in compensatory da*ages

and $350,000 in actual dam*ges, but she insisted that she lacked the money to pay the whole sum. According to TMZ, the Aquaman actress received nearly twice as much for her Yucca Valley home when she sold it for $1.05 million. Although her choice to sell the home

is unknown, it is said to have been purchased in 2019 by an unnamed trust connected to the Aquaman star. After the ve*dict, she says she will be un able to pay Depp the $8.35 million she owes him. On July 21, Heard’s legal team fi’led an appeal ag*inst the decision,

claiming that mistakes marred the proceedings and prevented a just and fair ve*dict. In response, Depp’s legal representative appealed the co*rt’s decision to grant Heard $2 million in punitive dam’ages after being found responsible for Heard’s def*matory rem*rks.

Heard had requested a mis’trial a week prior, alleging that one of the jurors shouldn’t be permitted to take part in the t*ial. Since he shares the same name and address as his son,

it appears that his father was called. Additionally, The Daily Beast received recently revealed c*urt documents that claim Heard rejected a $16 million div*rce settlement from Depp.

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