Rick Ross claims, He was turned away from Buckingham Palace & told to go to restaurant instead

Rick Ross recently had a h**ilate experience when he tried to obtain entrance to Buckingham Palace in London. On August 1, Monday Rick Ross went to the world well known Buckingham Palace, home of the Queen of England. Although, Rozay tell he was

contradict entry when he questioned a member of the Queen’s Guard to let enter in. In the first clip of video he shared on his Instagram account on his Story, Ross is doing a Birdman hand rub right exterior the Palace gates. In the next story, the Miami rapper is sitting

in the back of his car and e**osing that what goes to down there. “So, y’all seen my story that I went to Buckingham Palace,” Rick Ross began. “I pulled the member of the palace to the corner and said him who I was obviously the biggest boss. And, for the

first times in long decade he didn’t get me enter in. He said, I even don’t allow to get via the gates. I didn’t even allowed to sit at the table. But what he did do was mention me to a mark, and he told they’ll be waiting on me. And he told I can take the Crabs that

I desired to eat. So, I pardon him. They eventually offer Buckingham Palace tours on the known resistance’s website. For just €30.00 for elders and €16.50 for youngsters, anyone can come the classy place for 10 weeks of the years, from July 22 to Oct. 2.

It seemed like Rozay desired to get that offer and special treatment. Ross ap*logized, but that didn’t really stop the countaraction, as his album got banned from WUVS 103.7.

a Michigan radio station, in March of 2013. Lil Wayne was also banned for song lyrics he wrote over Emmett Till on Future’s Karate Chop (Remix)” that exact year.

Source & Credit: kapilvastupost.com

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