Tami Roman Says On Her pre’pration To Have Baby At the age 51

Tami Roman is getting true about her marriage. Stuffs have been get’ting occ’upied for the 51-year old re’ality star and television famous celebrity since her 1993 first debut on TV. And now a married woman, Roman and her sp*use Reggie Youngblood were preparing of having kid.

But a not so long sit down communication with the womens of The Real dis closed that Tami Roman might have given her sp*use some what of a hall pass to have a to*dler with different lady. Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood, whom she is particularly elder than,

were married se*retly Las Vegas wedding in August of 2018. She was pr’ior married to Kenny Anderson from 1994 to 2001 and had two daughters with her ex-spouse named Lyric and Jazz. Between her new marriage to Reggie Youngblood, the duo has planning having kids,

because they felt as they don’t have anyone. In 2020, Tami Roman talked with Keyshia Cole on her Fox Soul talk episode to expose that they were planning to consider a sur**gate lady to carry a child for the duo couple and that how ever they have planned three times before,

the process of ca’rrying baby did not go complete process. We, suddenly, experi enced our three baby missed during pre*nancy, told Roman. And, you know, now we’re planning to consider a a sur*ogate. Many hea’lth iss’ues, ca*se of her age, have specifically not playing a

good role to occ*pying baby. Tami Roman then dis posed that it was singer/songwriter and reality mega star Kandi Burruss’s surr*gacy journey that motivated her to planned it. “I told, ‘Oh okay rel’ax,’ So we get the eggs and we gathered those eggs and now we’re looking

for a surr*gacy mother to carry our baby in her womb,” Tami Roman dis cussed at the Time. Decades month, she goes on the Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson p*dcast where she reported that she would be love if she would be able to naturally carried a baby with her spouse.

Tami Roman Says On Her pre'pration To Have Baby At the age 51 – Goal Feed

She also dis close that she had been taking steps to su*den the procedure. May be she’s concern for becoming a mom. We put it our best in everything for our baby now we put the eggs on ice,” Roman said. “And we both are gonna have some body. But you know, you should also be prepared.

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