K-Ci Features Relationship With Mary J. Blige, Leaving Palace In Big Island In Resurfaced Clip

Mary J. Blige is understood for her heart break anthems. Songs no doubt motivated by her real-life relationships and break-ups. Buffs of Blige have followed her through her highs and lows in love. No relationship was extra t*xic than her union with

Jodeci frontman K-Ci. The soulful pairing created for magic on record but was not extremely strong in real life. Let’s take a journey down memory lane. Mary J Blige and K-Ci would early come jointly in the first ’90s during the recording trials for her debut album

What’s the 411? The two would arrive jointly for the duet “I Don’t Need to do Anything. The smoldering record was the first show of their passionate chemistry. They would start dating quickly afterward. Mary admitted that K-Ci was a reference of belief for her at the time,

being a modern artist. She also had some insecurities as a vocalist, so joining him on a song truly made her realize like she was where she belonged and could carry her own as a vocalist. At the time, Jodeci were the extra established act. Unfortunately for the couple,

the sharp lights and fame were too much and shortly started to effect their union. The young pair both started abusing drugs and alcohol while on the street and ultimately began having physical altercations. Mary remembers being in a certainly dark spot

and “h*ting herself.” She realizes that as a result, she attracted people that also “h*ted” her. While she did not name K-Ci, she did indicate on a bad relationship during an interview in 2002 that appeared to be clarifying their time together. Mary talks about nearly

losing her life. She says at that moment, she believed she had to get away and make a change. Mary J. Blige ultimately left K-Ci, with much of their acting being the motivation for her iconic album “My Life,” released in 1994. While greatly of Mary’s account can be establish in a string of interviews, musics,

and documentaries, K-Ci’s side is not as widely publicized. While their accounts are lovely much the similar, K-Ci does open up about how much he loved Mary

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