2 Time Netflix Comedy Special Headliner David A. Arnold Passed Away at 54, Family Confirms

David A. Arnold, a comedian, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 54, his family announced on Thursday. The reason Arnold is likely most known is because he starred in two Netflix comedy specials, Pace Ya Self,

which he launched after only three gigs of his four-month national comedy tour. Aside from producing the Fuller House revival, he has previously worked as the showrunner for Nickelodeon’s That Girl Lay Lay. According to the Los Angeles Times,

his family characterized Arnold’s sudden d’emise as untimely and said that doctors had determined that natural causes were to bl’ame. The unexpected death of David A. Arnold, our husband, father, brother, and friend, has been confirmed,

his family said in a statement to the LA Times. David di’ed peacefully today at home, and the cause of death was determined to be natural by the attending physicians. Arnold’s family continued by expressing their sorrow and devastation over his passing.

David Arnold performing at Earthlink’s Laffapalooza on October 29, 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA The statement added, “Please keep our family in your prayers and respect our privacy at this time. We are all surprised and grieved by this loss.

A week before he passed away, Arnold spoke with Jalen Rose about his comic career for his monthly New York Post column and recounted f’umbling his first open mic event. Arnold said that if you still want to do it, you have to bomb.

He was encouraged to return to comedy years later by D.L. Hughley, though, after serving in the Navy.
David A.’s debut Netflix stand-up special, David A. Following that, in July of this year, he released a second special, “It Ain’t For The Weak,”

which was created by fellow comic Kevin Hart. Since then, both fans and other comedians have paid respect to the comedian on social media. Heartbroken to learn of David A. Arnold’s demise. Bryan Behar, a TV writer and producer, tweeted that he was a cherished member of our Fuller House writing staff and one of the greatest comedians he had ever seen.

Source & Credit: kapilvastupost.com

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