“So Full Of Love”

Marques Houston is happy to be a Girl Dad. The recording artist recently shared pictures of his baby girl, Zara, with his social media fans.

“Our little mama Zara [is] so full of love,” Marques told his Instagram followers. “She brings so much joy to my life,” the celebrity father said. Houston further doted on his daughter in another social media post.

“My sweet baby Zara,” Marques exclaimed. “She smiles every morning and gives @iammiyahouston and I (sic) so much joy to start our day,” the celebrity father doted. “Daddy makes the coffee, mommy feeds the baby, and daddy changes the diapers,” Marques said regarding his family’s morning routine.

Marques Houston and his wife, Miya, welcomed their daughter last December. Mrs. Houston chose her daughter’s name. “Miya chose the name Zara because she just felt like it was exotic,” Marques told Us Weekly after welcoming his daughter. “There was no special reason,” Houston continued.

“She just wanted our girl to have a memorable name that wasn’t the average name,” Marques said. “It still feels surreal, like, it hasn’t set in yet that we are actually not just babysitting one of our friends’ kids. But not getting any sleep definitely reminds us that we are now parents.”

The news of Marques and Miya’s relationship began to spread in 2020. Some criticized the Sister, Sister star for courting and ultimately marrying his wife because of the age gap. Marques addressed such scrutiny in a social media post.


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“With all that’s going on in the world, my love life shouldn’t be a topic,” Marques shared in June 2020. “This is not music or television, this is my family, my future wife, and my life,” the celebrity added in reference to reckless rumors that alleged Marques and Miya began dating before she was 18-years-old.

Marques assured his supporters and critics that Miya was an adult during the entirety of their courtship. “We have Jehovah’s blessing,” the recording artist declared. “So to all the rumors about me, none of it is true,” Marques exclaimed. “And that’s the story. No twists, no turns, no scandals, just true love. There is nothing that can come to light because there’s no darkness in my life.”


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Zara is Miya and Marques Houston’s first child.

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