10 Models With Albinism Who Own Their Unique Look

Being different should be celebrated, not smashed under some artificial beauty standards, which change every few years. Luckily, some are brave enough to be themselves and become faces of change.

Though the modeling industry is usually slammed for pushing certain stereotypes, these beautiful people with Albinism are here to show us that being unique is cool. It is not even how you look but how you carry yourself.

Let’s meet 10+ models with Albinism who are taking over magazines and runways and owning their uniqueness!

Thando Hopa


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Remember this name as Thando Hopa is the first woman with Albinism that graced the cover of Vogue!

The South African is not just a pretty face. She is a lawyer and fierce activist for human rights. Thando is a force to reckon with!

Refilwe Vanillablaq Modiselle

South Africa’s first runway model with Albinism, Refilwe, is unstoppable.

Apart from regular modeling gigs, she is a radio and TV host, MC, actor, and singer.

Shaun Ross


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Who said that it is all about the ladies?

The handsome Shaun Ross is Alexander McQueen’s and Givenchy’s favorite model. His other job includes music and working with celebrities, including Lizzo.

Yes, he is that cool!

Ava Clarke

After fierce Shaun, here is a photo of adorable Ava Clarke.

The young model, who resembles Kate Moss, appeared in Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

Modeling is not her goal. Spreading happiness is.

Nastya Zhidkova


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Simply known as Kimi, the Russian model and blogger looks like a fairy, so it is no wonder modeling agencies are fighting over her.

Connie Chiu


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Connie is a true trailblazer, as the first-ever model with Albinism.

This gorgeous lady is also a singer and activist.

Ruby Vizcarra

The Mexican model is dedicated to bringing Disney and other imaginary creatures to life. Her epic transformations are worthy of a supermodel title.

Stephen Thompson

This stunning man and Diandra Forrest teamed up with the UN for their Albinism inclusivity campaign. Aside from modeling and activism, Stephen is a singer and actor.

He is also a fitness fanatic, proud dad, and dog lover!

Alyona Subbotina

Alyona was born in Kazakhstan but discovered at 16 while studying in Singapore.

Her career lasts over ten years, and when she opened Paris Fashion Week with Givenchy’s show in 2011, she became one of the most wanted faces in the industry.

Alyona has a twin sister who has dark hair and eyes, and though they are both stunning, there is something mesmerizing about Alyona.

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