Aries Spears Takes Dig At Jay-Z’s Looks, Claims Rapper Is Unattractive and Sounds Like A Sheep

Is Aries Spears indirectly biting that hand that has fed him throughout his career? The comedian is undoubtedly most famous for his extensive work on MADtv. He’s also known for his incredible ability to impersonate many iconic celebrities, from Denzel Washington to LL Cool J to Jay-Z. However, as of late, Spears has become notorious for his off-color comments and for sharing his unsolicited opinions on pop culture. During a recent appearance, the comedian expressed his true feelings about Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z’s appearance.

Aries Spears has often spoken highly of Jay-Z and regarded him as one of his favorite rappers in Hip-Hop. In a past stand-up comedy performance, the Chicago-born, New York City-raised comedian hailed Jay-Z as a “master showman and a game changer.” But much like his ill-received comments on superstar Lizzo, Aries Spears shared how he feels about Jay-Z’s appearance. During his conversation with the Art Of Dialogue Podcast, the comedian labeled the “What It Feels Like” rapper as “one of the kings of Hip-Hop.” But Spears couldn’t praise his “favorite rapper” without insulting his looks.

Aries Spears took issue with Jay-Z’s hair, labeling it a “Raid roach hairdo.” In addition, the jilted comedian expressed his desire for the rapper to “cut that off.” “That looks atrocious,” said Aries Spears. “He’s already not an attractive dude. So, you’re putting unattractive on top of unattractive […] We got HD now, that’s aggressive.”

This is not the first time Aries Spears has spoken about Jay-Z’s looks. During a performance in 2010 at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, the comedian likened Jay-Z to “Joe Camel” and gave him the label of the “ugliest [person] in rap.” Additionally, Aries Spears took issue with Jay-Z’s lips during his routine, joking that the rapper doesn’t need airbags while driving due to their size. “It’s horrible,” he said. He also criticized the rapper for sounding like a “sheep” on his recordings.

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