Brother Of Nipsey Hussle Sadly Details His Last Minutes, After Finding Him Cl’ingi’ng To Life

When rapper and community activist, Nipsey Hussle, was gunned down on March 31st, not only did his two children lose their father, Lauren London lose her soulmate, but Samiel Asghedom lost his younger brother too.

Now in the midst of his grief, Samiel is speaking out to share exactly what happened on the day that he was fra’ntically called moments before he found his brother cli’nging to life in a pool of bl’oo’d.

In an emotional interview with reporter, Angel Jennings for the LA Times, Samiel gave heart-wrenching details of the last minutes of Nipsey’s life, what he thinks about the al’leg’ed k’ill’er, and unknown facts about his baby bro.’

He arrived minutes after the s’ho’oting and talked to his brother, “Nip’”…
Samiel was by their grandmother’s house when someone frantically called to tell him Nipsey had just been s’h’ot. After racing to the scene and running red lights, Samiel made it to his brother’s Marathon Clothing store, in South L.A., minutes after the s’ho’oting and moments before the paramedics arrived.

According to the report, ‘bl’o’od stained the front of his brother’s shirt and a hole marked where a b’ull’et entered his l’eg.’

Nipsey’s brother tried to save his life…

When Samiel arrived, Nipsey was still breathing hard and ‘loudly’ through his nose. “There’s no reason for him to still be breathing,” is what Samiel says he initially thought, because of how severe Nip’s gun wounds were. But Samiel was grateful that Nip’ was still alive, so he had a 911 operator walk him through the steps to keep Nipsey br’eathing until the par’amedics a’rrived. As the crowd respectfully watched in silence and shock, Samiel did what he was told and delivered hard, sharp pumps to the center of Nipsey’s chest:

Via LATimes: When the 911 operator reached 20, the wail of an am’bulance’s siren filled the air around the strip mall… Paramedics inserted a tube down Nipsey’s throat, stuck an IV in his arm and then lifted him off the pavement onto a waiting stretcher.

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