El Debarge’s Mother Recalls Whitney Asked El For Help 2 Days Before Death

El Debarge’s mother, Etterlene “Mama D” Debarge, told a very eery story about the time that our beloved Whitney Houston apparently reached out to El Debarge asking him to help her just 2 days prior to her untimely passing in February 2012.

We think what Mrs. Debarge is saying speaks volumes, not only about Whitney’s and El’s deep friendship, but also about their similar history with drug addictions and the fact that Whitney knew that El could probably understand the battle she was fighting because he’d already been there. It’s also a reminder of the similarities between Whitney and her daughter, Bobbi Kristina’s death, who possibly could have still been here living a wonderful life, if only she would have gotten the help she so desperately needed before it was too late. According to sources close to her family, Bobbi Kris’ was actually going to be entering rehab within the next few days, just before her tub drowning incident, but it just wasn’t soon enough.

See what Etterlene Debarge stated Whitney asked of El Debarge:

“She had said, ‘El, would you help me? I need your help, El,’” Mama D said in a phone interview from her California home a day after Houston died at 49.

“She needed spiritual help from El, who has a very strong spirit. Whitney has always been able to relate to El because they both came up in the church.”

“I had a hard time sleeping last night. I see her like a daughter, even though I didn’t know her well, my sons did. I am feeling so hurt for her. Whatever happened, (it will turn out to be because) of her longtime drug (use) pattern. Her demons won,” said Etterlene days after Whitney’s death in 2012.

“This has really affected him [El],” she said. “He’s thinking, ‘We were just together, and I saw her pain, and I couldn’t help her.’”

El Debarge also surprised his long time friend, Whitney just days before her death at a pre-Grammy party and her reaction to seeing him was priceless- they both were crying and embracing each other. Check it out below…

If nothing else, we can use this tragic incident as reminder to reach out to those who may need help from a possibly fatal, or downward spiraling situation- even if they don’t admit they need the help- because it could be a matter of life, or death if we at least try to offer some assistance in any way we can before it’s too late, as was the case for our beloved Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown. May they both continue to sleep peacefully.

Source & Credit: iloveoldschoolmusic.com


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