Sad..Video Surfaces Of Actress Maia Campbell Seemingly Back On D’r’ugs After R’ehab Stint

Remember 90s’ sitcom star, Maia Campbell, from the show, In The House, with LL Cool J? She was a young, beautiful actress who seemed destined for stardom as she reached success at a very young age. Sadly, her light began to dwindle as a viral video of her seemingly high and delirious on the streets in 2010 sent the actress’ reputation down the toilet. Her struggles with substance abuse became public knowledge and it was clear that Maia needed help. What many people didn’t know at that time is that Maia suffered from bipolar disorder. Campbell had gotten married and had a daughter, but she stopped taking her me’dication. Things went down hill and she then turned to d’ru’gs. **Scroll to bottom to see new he’artbrea’king video footage of her now**

Fix My Life:

In 2012, Maia was featured on relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant’s show, “Iyanla: Fix My Life,” where Iyanla attempted to work with Maia to reestablish her family relationships and overcome the unresolved gu’ilt she felt for the pain she caused her deceased mother, renowned author Bebe Moore Campbell. While Maia was celebrating 2 years of sobriety, her problems were far from over. It was difficult to watch as viewers learned that she was confined to an assisted living facility. When speaking, she seemed to have a child-like demeanor and it seemed like her problems were beyond what Iyanla could ‘fix.’ In sh’ort, her life wouldn’t be fixed within that hour.

Back On Track:
In 2016, we excitedly provided an update on Maia’s progress. It seemed as if her life was back on track as she joined the season two cast of From the Bottom Up. Campbell was featured on the Centric TV reality series to highlight her fight to regain control of her life and to mend fences with her estranged daughter. However, while on the show, it was clear that Maia was in denial of her struggles and at one point she was missing. In an effort to locate her, actress Chrystale Wilson contacted Maia’s Godmother to find out if she was okay. Maia’s Godmother revealed that she was in fact in a safe place, but she still was experiencing problems. One of the reasons why Maia was still experiencing some challenges, according to her Godmother, was her in’ability to admit that she needed help. Once again, a reality show wouldn’t help Maia face her demons.

Once again, on Saturday, July 8th (2017), a video surfaced of Maia Campbell on the streets of Atlanta and it appears that she may be back on d’ru’gs. An unknown man is seen in a video speaking with Campbell as she pumped gas. The man in the video asks Maia if she wants “some powder or some crack” and she goes on a tangent about being ra’ped by a man who calls himself Bill Cosby. It’s difficult to see a beautiful, talented woman, with so much potential take a downward spiral to this level. In the video, Maia is scantily dressed, with her hair disheveled and it appears that she may have lost some teeth. She’s not herself and she looks as if she’s under the influence of something.

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