Congrats: Mike Bivins Shows Off His New Baby & Wife’s Amazing Post-Baby Body

Amid all of the unfortunate drama currently going down between New Edition members, there are some highlights. For Mike Bivins, those highlights are that himself, Ronnie, Bobby, and Ricky are going on tour under the name of their new group, RBRM. The other one is that Mike and his wife, Teasha, have just celebrated the birth of their FOURTH daughter! Most of us didn’t even know she was pregnant, but the other day, Mike not only shared a photo of their new bundle of joy, but also showed of Teasha’s incredible snap back…

Mike Bivins New Baby & Wife 2 Weeks After Birth
Mike Bivins posted a photo of Teasha holding their baby girl, and he boasted on how beautiful they both are. Teasha also had her toned up abs on full display just two weeks after birthing their daughter and we’re giving her a hand clap and old school fist bump on her quick snapback. Check them out below..


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Biv’ and his wife have been married for 12 years and also have three more daughters- Savi, Starlah, and Shi whom Mike refers to as his “Lil Supremes.”

Mike Biv’ Tells How He Learned From His Dad’s Mistakes

Mike is a true family man. A few years ago, we shared the message he gave, saluting fathers who are handling their business and raising their children. He also noted what he learned from the mistakes his Pops made:

“…My father was always gone working and representing the country in the Navy and my mother, Shirley, held things down at the crib. They never married. We lived in Orchard Park Projects in the city of Boston… There were a lot of single families that lived in our building. The month of June was always exciting because it meant school was almost over. Father’s Day as a holiday didn’t hold that much weight or anticipation.

When my father would visit my sister Tanya and I, we always went to Kentucky Fried Chicken on American Legion Highway and I always got a take out box and I would wait until I got back to my projects to let my friends see my bag and smell my chicken, haaaa! I was funny like that.

Gerard, my pops, didn’t…live with us. So after we chilled for a few, he would slide us some money for our pockets and then go on about his business. Still, to this day, we still chill and receive cards with money inside. We are a lot alike in our body frames, our noses and lips and our love for sports. Now I accept that I’m short because of him. It was hard at first, but I said I might be small, but I know how to ball on that basketball court. I’m the smallest in New Edition and BBD. (haaa, whateva!)

This is my perspective on daddies and fathers! Your kids call you Daddy because of the time you spend with them and the love you share with words and moments in the same house. Fathers sometimes don’t live in the house and come around every now and again. When some kids introduce their dads, they say ‘That’s my father.’ My kids say ‘That’s my daddy.’ – Mike Bivins; via Black America Web

Well said Mike, well said indeed. Congrats to the Bivins family on their latest addition!

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