R&B Star Summer Marjani Walker’s Nose COLLAPSES After Nose Job!

Summer Walker is no stranger to getting a few nip and tuck here and there. But her recent nose job surgery is taking a wrong turn according to fans.

In a recent IG live session, fans noticed Summer Walker’s nose job going absolutely wrong and now fans are saying that her nose is collapsing.

Keep reading, PICS ahead!

Summer Walker, 24, is one of the rising R&B singers in the music industry and undoubtedly, she has a mad fan following everywhere. But we all know, that when you are under the radar, almost nothing can go unnoticed.

And lately, fans have been noticing too much of Summer Walker’s nose.

Allegedly, the “Playing Games” singer got a nose job done last year, however, recent pics prove that her botched nose job is collapsing.

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Surprisingly, Summer Walker has even removed all of her older photos from her social media because there was too many comparisons happening.

The star had previously admitted to her pal Ari Lennox that she has got some surgeries done, including butt implants. And shortly after that she revealed her nose job which according to fans is starting to look strange now.

Here are some of the fans comments about Summer’s botched nose job:

“She already sounds congested when she sings, this about to be a mess.”

“Smh she ruined her face.”

“That is sad! yikes, she must have gotten the jackson special at her plastic surgeon.”

Many fans pointed out that her nostrils have become too weak after the surgery and that they are closing in on each other.

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This is what her nose used to look like:

Check out her nose collapsing pic in the next slide!

Source & Credit: popularsuperstars.com

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