Actress Cheryl Lee Ralph, 65, BREAKS The Internet . . . Amazing In TWO PIECE Bathing Suit!!

Actress Cheryl Lee Ralph, 65, breaks the Internet as she looks amazing in her two-piece bathing suit! And while summertime may be over, she is still bikini-ready.

Women in the entertainment world are constantly judged for their physiques, from their teenage years and well into adulthood. But they also love seeing celebrities stay in shape in their 50s and 60s.

Like Cheryl Lee Ralph.

Although it’s not summertime anymore, Cheryl Lee Ralph looks fondly back to the times when she donned a two-piece bathing suit, rocking her amazing body.

But she can always look back at those memories.

A video from last year resurfaced, where Cheryl Lee Ralph almost broke the internet with her bikini-ready body. The self-proclaimed original diva is seen flaunting her natural curves as she struts her stuff down the pool coping border.

You can also hear “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince plays in the background.

Everyone kept praising the 65-year-old Emmy Award-winning actress for her amazing body and the way she rocked that two-piece bikini.

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