Ashanti REVEALS ‘NEW’ Body Just Weeks Before Her 41st Birthday!! (PICS)

R&B singer Ashanti REVEALS ‘NEW’ body just weeks before her 41st birthday!

Singer Ashanti has been taking care of her body a little bit extra lately as she is getting ready to ring in her 41st birthday next week. The Happy singer flaunted her new body on social media and fans were all about it in the comments.

Singer Ashanti is known for taking care of her body and there’s no doubt that she looks amazing for her age. The singer will soon turn 41 and clearly taking extra care of her figure lately.

A single glance into her social media posts will tell you that she’s also looking very different lately and it’s all thanks to her excessive workout regime and diet.

Ashanti, who has never been married or had any children, is still enjoying life as a single woman. She recently finished shooting an upcoming film and shared that she’ll be taking a 2-day break after a successful wrap of her movie.

Alongside, she shared a short clip of herself standing in front of a full-sized mirror.

The singer is seen wearing a neon pink bikini set with her hair styled in natural curls. In the short clip, the gorgeous singer is seen posing in her bathroom while sharing “planned on having 2 days to myself on the beach after wrapping my movie… but this weather said you’ll be in ur room bookie.”

Fans were all for it in the comments section.

“Body forever banging,” one fan wrote.

“she is such a gorgeous black women,” another fan wrote.

Ashanti is currently working on some new music, re-recording some of her old tracks and planning a world tour soon.

The singer is in fantastic shape for her age so it’s no surprise that she follows a strict diet and workout routine.

“If I want to maintain longevity with traveling and being on stage, I have to take care of my body,” she told Parade.

“I try to stay away from carbs and I know diet is super essential to being healthy and maintaining and trying to stay fit,” she told Parade. “But I do have two cheat days and I look forward to them every week. I try to make it the weekend for those but sometimes I get tempted during the week. So I’ll be like, ‘OK, I’m going to use Taco Tuesday as my day!’”

An early happy birthday to Ashanti!


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