Doja Cat Responds to Criticism Over “Ugly” Gold Makeup During Paris Fashion Week

Doja Cat showed up and showed out during Paris Fashion Week. The artist debuted paint in a new way that many were not fans of, but Doja Cat doesn’t care.

The “Vegas” rapper was painted head to toe in sparkling gold for the A.W.A.K.E. Mode show on Tuesday, and a fan called the gold makeup ugly.

“The paint is making her look ugly,” the tweeter said. “When you do make up like this you still need to accentuate features. She look like a tired old statue.’

Doja Cat fired back quickly, saying, “I wasn’t trying to look sexy or attractive. All of my makeup has a story, and there are absolutely 0 rules, and if there were, you wouldn’t be the one making them.”

Doja Cat wore a plaid pantsuit with a Simon Miller vegan coat retailing for $695 to the A.W.A.K.E. Mode show, which caught the attention of many.

As Doja responded, the gold paint look was just one of many stories to be told at Paris Fashion Show Week. She also rocked a blue-contoured look for a Monot show with hand-painted black claws in another outfit.

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