Female ATL Rapper Omeretta The Great: ‘My BF In Jail For 20 Yrs & I’m Holding Him Down!’

Rising rap star Omeretta The Great clapped back at haters who are criticizing her for sticking with her man who is in prison.

Atlanta rapper Omeretta, who is a famous artist online, is in a relationship with a man who is serving more than 20 years in prison. Fans have been bashing Omeretta online and asking her why she wasting her time on a man who is in prison.

And Omeretta has something BIG to say to her haters.

Omeretta The Great is fiercely loyal to her man and it shows. The 25-year-old woman has her man’s name tattooed 6 times on her body. And not just that. When things went south for her boyfriend and he went to jail, she still stuck by him.

And it looks like she ain’t going nowhere.

But her fans are hating this and are blasting her for wasting her life and “not living”.

Omeretta’s man is set to serve 27 years in prison for armed robbing multiple Asian businesses but Omeretta is still proud of her guy.

After receiving hundreds of negative comments online, Omeretta clapped back at her haters!

Omeretta Tweeted this week asking her fans why they are mad about her “holding my nigga down”.

A fan then replied:

“cause niggas waiting on a turn. he doing his bid, u gotta live!”

To this Omeretta had a response that is going viral!

Here’s what Omeretta wrote then:

Here are pics of Omeretta Facetiming with her man:


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