Candace Owens Leaks Audio Of Kim Kardashian Trash-Talking “Disgusting…Sick Old Hag” Whitney Houston In Voicemail Left For Ray J

Get your green tea people because this drama just got hotter!

In a Candace Owens podcast episode today (Oct 11), Ms. Owens generously shared a voicemail Kim Kardashian is believed to have left Ray J years ago, where the reality TV star outrageously refers to Whitney as an “old hag” before calling the ex-couple “sick and disgusting.”

While it’s not clear how Candace got the audio, she felt the need to play the recording in her latest episode because in her own words:

“She’s (referring to Kim Kardashian) actually a nasty person behind the scenes who has been hell-bent on being famous, and she used a lot of Black men, in particular, to get to where she is and then left them in the dust.”

“Well, some tapes are making the rounds of Kim Kardashian, and she’s talking trash…it seems to be a voicemail that she left Ray J, where it’s not the sweet little Kim K that she presents today,” Candace continued.

“She’s nasty. She’s calling Whitney Houston a crackhead and yelling at Ray J. It’s the opposite version of Kim Kardashian that your kids have been following.” She then went ahead to release the audio expressing that it is only a sample of the complete recording – there is much, much more.

The recording goes:

“Ray, it’s Kim. I just want you to know, that I think you’re so disgusting and desperate….you clearly want people to call you, yet you won’t call me back, and actually, you know what? Don’t call me back.”

The voicemail continues, “I think you’re honestly a sick human being… you’ll do anything for fucking attention, and you’re just so disgusting. Honestly, so like, have fun with old hag Whitney Houston like she’s so sick and like crack is definitely not whack with you guys because you’re just on it.”

“Honestly, it just makes me laugh at how disgusting you guys look.” The supposed Kim K’s voice then hails some curse words, which are not very clear, before going on to say:

“…you need to go hang out with your old like friend, and it’s not right, but it’s okay I’m definitely gonna make it anyway because you guys are just so disgusting and sick and stuff. You know, with her, I just don’t understand it, but she’s so old, she’s sick, and you’re just sick and desperate.”

As the voicemail concludes, things take a shocking turn as she’s heard screaming, “So leave me the f**k alone….bleep…stop calling me!…bleep.”

Per Candace, the voicemail was left on Ray J’s phone because Kim had taken issue with him gaining more popularity for his then-relationship with Whitney Houston, who passed on back in February 2012.

The entire recording is supposedly more graphic than the sample Candace played on her podcast, but whether or not Ms. Owens will release the clip in its entirety is yet to be known.

Nevertheless, Candace undoubtedly got her message across as she tackled the topic of Black men who’ve been victimized by the Kardashian clan or, as she puts it, the “Hollywood Cartel.”

The talk show host also said she’s open to having Ray J on her show to further discuss the control the Kardashians have over people in Hollywood.

“I am basically openly inviting him to come onto the show. I can even do a separate podcast because I think the Kardashian family is potentially a Hollywood Cartel… and it’s not that they are moving drugs… I am talking about the control they have in Hollywood.”

“And I think that they have left a lot of victims in their wake, Ray J included – he’s rightfully angry, and I want to keep covering that because a family like this should be exposed.”

Watch the video below:


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