T.I. Expresses Disappointment in Peers Not Defending Him Amid Charleston White Beef

Throughout the course of T.I.’s illustrious career in music, he has beefed with fellow rappers such as 50 Cent as well as icons outside of the rap game like Floyd Mayweather. But in recent memory, very few of his celebrity contemporaries have gotten under his skin the way Charleston White has. In a matter of one week, the infamous hip-hop heckler has posted scathing messages T.I.’s wife (Tiny) and his second to youngest son, (King). Not only did White highlight some of T.I.’s legal issues with the feds, and legal issues concerning his wife, all while threatening to kill King, if he were forced to defend himself, he also antagonized the entire family by challenging them to a celebrity fight against his family. After a series of back-and-forth IG videos from T.I., King and Charleston White, the iconic “Whatever You Like” rapper recently took to social media to air out his grievances once again. But this time his words were far less combative. Instead, his message was heartfelt and it was aimed at all of the families, friends and organizations that he’s helped in his home state. Because according to the three-time Grammy award winner, none of them had his back in verbal feud with Charleston White that got extremely personal, and he’s not too happy about it.


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“As I meditate and unpack the circumstances, it dawns on me that this [is] the second time that I’ve seen my family attacked, and I’ve seen social media weaponized and used against us by the enemy,” T.I. said as he seemed genuinely hurt by the lack of support. “This the second time. Both times, I watched the community have absolutely nothing to say on our behalf. I watched friends or people who we say are friends, I watched people who have donated our time, effort energy, resources, and attention to, look on as me and my family [were] attacked. And the people who we go outside [of] our way to help, whether it’s people who can’t afford to feed themselves, people who can’t afford to house themselves, families who can’t afford to bury their loves ones, or just people who need inspiration [or] just need to be [emotionally] poured into. None of these organizations, none of the leaders of these different communities, nobody thought to stand up and speak on my family’s behalf…Not once. Aight…that’s where we’re at with it? Let’s let it stay there.”

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