Draymond Green Says He’s “Not Sure” Relationship With Jordan Poole Will Be Fixed

Recently, it was revealed that Draymond Green was stepping away from the Golden State Warriors to get himself together following footage of him punching teammate Jordan Poole in the face. Since then, it has been revealed that Jordan Poole isn’t over the punch by Green.

Draymond rejoined the Golden State Warriors this past Thursday and spoke about the situation between him and Poole. When asked if he thinks their relationship can be fully restored, he answered, “I’m not sure.” Green continued, “As I said before, that’s not up to me. Nor do I think there’s much relevance. Quite frankly, we both know how to play basketball and that is the most important for us. We’re paid to do a job and we’re gonna come and do that job to the best of our ability. We wanna continue to win, so we gonna do what we have to do to win.” Take a look above.

source: TMZ

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