Clifford ‘TI’ Harris Son King Harris Got Into School Fight And Held His Own!(Video)

It looks like T.I.‘s son had some issues at his school. Because the music mogul’s son, King, apparently just got into a fight at school yesterday, and he totally stood his own!

Last year, there was a lot of talk about T.I.’s family. Because the rapper shared in an interview with Red Table Talk that he takes his oldest daughter, Deyjah, 18, to the doctor’s every year to check if she was still a virgin.

While he was heavily criticized, he continued down that road and admitted that he treated her differently because she was a woman and she should save herself. But now his son, King, has just gotten into a fight, so that is manly enough for him, right?

Allegedly a teenage boy tried to bully the rapper’s son, King, 15. But King was not having it, and he totally stood his own and fought back his bully. So the two of them decided to sort this like men.

So they scheduled a time to meet inside the boys bathroom at their elite private high school, and had a one on one fight, according to MTO News.

And despite being smaller than his rival, TI and Tiny’s son King held up well. In the video that surfaced in the media, you see King punching the alleged bully repeatedly in the face. And while King is hit back, he doesn’t allow his rival to slow him down.

Do you think T.I. should be worried about his son fighting people?

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