Stevie J Says Faith Evans Did NOT Cheat and That His Phone Was Hacked – IG Unfaithful Posts Weren’t His!

Is Stevie J involved in some drama again? It definitely might look like that taking into account his social media posts. Over the weekend, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta wrote some cryptic messages claiming that “no woman is faithful” which might have hint that his wife Faith Evans cheated on him. And now apparently he’s taking back all his accusations.

Stevie J has had quite a difficult year. But ever since he married Faith Evans, he proudly said that he was a very happy married man. This year he’s had quite a lot of drama with the custody of his daughter, Bonnie Bella, whom he shares with Joseline Hernandez.

But all seemed to be okay lately between them, and Stevie won custody of their child.

And when it came to his wife, Faith, things couldn’t be better. But over the weekend, he shared on social media that he is having some women problems, and many believe that she might have been unfaithful.

He wrote on Twitter: “Found [out] that NO woman is faithful. Knew that & it’s a blessing to know.” He followed that with “Wanna show the world what being a stand up guy will get you.”

Following his tweets, his wife didn’t make any comments about his claims. But now Stevie opened the subject again and clarified that he doesn’t think that his wife cheated. And claimed that his account has been hacked and someone else wrote the posts.

He also said that he was on a plane at the time.

Faith and Stevie J go way back. The two were long-time collaborators and good friends for over two decades. But they didn’t start their romantic relationship until back in 2016, and then eventually tied the knot in July, 2018. And they have been incredibly happy ever since.

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