A Furious Omarion Now Wants To FIGHT Lil Fizz For Smashing Baby Mama Apryl Jones!

All eyes have been on Omarion for a while now. Because this year, we found out that his baby mama, Apryl Jones, has started dating Lil Fizz, who is Omarion’s bandmate in B2K. And now Omarion apparently wants to beat up Lil Fizz!

The truth is, this love triangle has gotten very dramatic. Because while there were many who believed that Apryl Jones was dating Lil Fizz only to get back at Omarion, there just might be some truth in that.

And, for a long time, they didn’t receive any response from Omarion. He was radio silence for a long time. And in a recent interview with Vlad TV, the question of his ex-wife obviously came up. And he handled it with no issues, and shared that Apryl and Fizz being in a relationship doesn’t affect him. He shared that he shouldn’t be a part of it, though.

“I don’t feel no ways. I think that if they’re happy, then they should be happy. I think they should change the narrative though,” he said in the interview.

But it has been very hard to stay out of it. Because both Apryl and Fizz have been trolling the B2K lead singer HARD. Last month Apryl told an interviewer that Fizz was better in bed than Omarion. And last week, Lil Fizz called Omarion out by posting about how his bandmate’s “babys mama is on my phone.”

And now, finally, Omarion seems to have snapped, and wants to fight Lil Fizz.

A fan posted that he wanted to see a “celebrity boxing match” between Omarion and Lil Fizz. And Omarion retweeted it to his millions of fans. And the fun fact is that the two will start a second B2K tour in a few months. Maybe they’ll patch things up?

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